Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Krista,

I hope that as our relationship continues and grows, we can eventually rock this hard.

Much Love

sleeping lessons

bleary eyed and zoned,
bloodshot bound on the uneven paint on the ceiling,
she is chewing her nails until blood trickles down into her palm;
what does the reflection reveal?

perhaps answers to pensive and tentative questions

things likes,
why is she still awake?
why are her eyes red?

things that insinuate tears, pain,
after all, pools of blood never equate to pretty portraits.

the night time air settles as the molecules of the gloaming mix
and mingle
with the dust settling in her arms,
her hair completely still tickles the small of her back.

it's been down for so long, blonde,
somehow able to keep a shine despite the midnight light;

her nightly duet slow dance charm with sleep is delayed tonight,
perhaps by the snow falling outside the window.

she needs sleeping lessons,
before she can dance. so sleep pretty pretty girl,
wash your hands and sleep.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Breathe In

Good mourning, wispy
dancers floating in my

cold winter morning breath.

Have an adventure with the clouds and the birds,
all flown south.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello Darling, My Sorrow's Finest Spring Season Around the Corner of Winter

hollow oak
desperate malfunctioning branches
cloak the gray winter clouds.
not really

the winter air hangs a dead still in lieu of the leaves.
that's fine, the sooner the snow coats
the dirt floor the better.

it'll be like a blanket,
knit from the condensation of angels and gods.

supervisors of this natural phenomena,
i see a wicked gray cloud,
letting a warm beam of light lay shadows

where above them dance the dead oak
in the breeze.