Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poland, March 2009

It's so refreshing to be home, I was caught in the rain on a walk.  Lovely.

Expect many poems from Spring Break in the near future.
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Haiku for the Sleepless Night (in four prayers)

good evening darling,
your wet lips quiver near mine,
nervous and watchful.

the warmth of two mouths,
crashes together breathless,
the night's kiss begins;

perhaps i'll sleep now,
wide eyed and awake i dream
not of your kisses,

(amen) no dreams now,
i push the night from my bed,
she has not your lips.

Hallelujah! and those are what i sleep on.
(pillows, wet and warm.  delicious).

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've taken a brief leave from Otterbein, Spring Break and all. My first few days are being spent with my brother at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Out with the old and in with the new, as far as things to write about is concerned.

Expect great things, my pen was furious on the airplane as we landed.

look at that white
each monument remembers
history: stand up!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Poem Just Happened

Ever been speechless after witnessing something incredible?

Like a man watching his son blink once, twice, three times for the first time,
A mother seeing herself in the eyes of an infant daughter,
Those breathless times, you know.
Beethoven hearing for the first time the "Moonlight Sonata"
While too lovers dance underneath the milky white of the midnight sun,

As she kisses the Earth with her warmth,
Lighting all kinds of swings and slides and grass with her mischievous glint,
And as the shadows dance across deaf piano keys, they swing,
Each nervous step, each change of tempo,
The nocturnal choirs are chatting along with the birdsong that will resume at dawn.

Miracles, truly miracles happen at this hour;
This is the WITCHING hour, this is THE GLOAMING,
and they dance and move with the shadows and the furious striking of ivory
and the inner chords of some grand piano,

yes, Beethoven is grinning, as the music fills his ears,
for the first time,
and something incredible is happening,

Something fantastic and irreplaceable.

And I will say to my papers and pens and ears and eyes,
and the host of notebooks brimming with birth and joy,
"a poem just happened."

(this ought to help you hear it too, dear readers:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

this is NOT rap

this is NOT rap,
it's got no rhyme or beat,
this isn't radio meat,
that get's kids up out of their seats,
to dance and groove and sing,
and I most assuaredly don't have bling,
this tune's got no catch ring,
and it ain't nothing but a thing.

this is NOT a rap,
don't think I'm that clever,
put me in a noose and pull the lever,
while I'm haning high my mother will sigh,
and my words I'll cry
and the flow and my spirit, never die.

Hip hop ain't humble, that's no lie,
So it's not like there's anything wrong with one try,
And seeings how there's no beat no turntable scratch,
I can ride this rythm and watch it crash,
into what I know I am,
Lyrical legend man,
That's not worth a damn
but a few freeverse lines
who bleeds out a few rhymes.

Words of Love, Words So Lesiured

used without permission from Franz Ferdinand.

"Now you know where you stand in my garden."