Wednesday, October 29, 2008

your auburn locks are drowning

your auburn locks are drowning
me in a peachy aroma
(not peachy like the hip kids
mean when something is alright)
more the overwhelming smell that
draws hive after hive of bees to
a fresh spring orchard.

but escape, let the bees have their fruit,
as alone at an ocean peak i stand,
offended by the way the waves
explode against the sand;
something too violent(physical)
to be shared with something beautiful.

so i say, shall i muss up your auburn
hair (and have my fingers tasting
of the sugary sweet of peaches) ?
destroy the ocean walls (violent,
too harsh for tranquility)?

and i reason, i am too wanting of

(wait until high tide has passed my love
to tempt the seas)

So I lick clean my fingers,

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