Sunday, March 1, 2009

this is NOT rap

this is NOT rap,
it's got no rhyme or beat,
this isn't radio meat,
that get's kids up out of their seats,
to dance and groove and sing,
and I most assuaredly don't have bling,
this tune's got no catch ring,
and it ain't nothing but a thing.

this is NOT a rap,
don't think I'm that clever,
put me in a noose and pull the lever,
while I'm haning high my mother will sigh,
and my words I'll cry
and the flow and my spirit, never die.

Hip hop ain't humble, that's no lie,
So it's not like there's anything wrong with one try,
And seeings how there's no beat no turntable scratch,
I can ride this rythm and watch it crash,
into what I know I am,
Lyrical legend man,
That's not worth a damn
but a few freeverse lines
who bleeds out a few rhymes.

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