Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bristling Winds Atop Harrowdown HIll

Harrowdown is that nightmare place,
where children cower beneath the sheets,
and sweat until in the pools of nervousness,
they sleep.

Harrowdown is where happiness goes to die;
and damn, it's windy.

Sadness becomes noisy business overlooking
the Miserable lake, in this nightmare place.

(Harrowdown is a parable, a children's story I'm working on. Completely unrelated to my other two current projects, Harrowdown Hill is what I believe will be the closest to something like "Where The Wild Things Are," as I'll get. Just read the poem, listen to the Beatles' "Yesterday," and be as miserable as a child going to bed alone and frightened. But wake up and explore the nightmare world, and realize it's all just part of the most fascinating thing children have: wonder and amazement, curiosity, so to speak. This is what Harrowdown becomes. At least, for little Tyler Grover, our main character; updates often...)

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