Friday, November 27, 2009

The Life And The World To Come

Satin is dead, or so they say;

although they say god is dead too,
Nietzsche, or so they say.

Milton says we were saved,
when adam and eve went into hell,
simply by sampling a fruit.

They buried themselves behind naked flesh,
in mountains of guilt,
scared their knees praying for rain
in the longest and driest of droughts;

their son struck the first blood,
and it was of his own blood.
One brother lay dead, melting into the cracks
of a mighty chasm,
the other was murdered.

The first guilt birthed,
From this great folly of that treacherous snake,
came an opportunity for man to prove Nietzsche wrong;

and we live now to find forgiveness,
which is reason alone.

In the life in the world to come.

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