Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Opened Doors and [one word]

Death Cab for Cutie has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time now; their music style frequently being more then enough (providing) for what I had needed to listen too. However, a band deserves notoriety when each time a different song comes on, listeners experience this. Death Cab's newest release, "The Open Door EP," a five song collection of b-sides from Narrow Staris, the songs sound more like "Plans" Death Cab, a revival that perhaps will redeem fans turned away from Stairs' dramatic shift in sound...

I love all Ben Gibbard's work, so I was quite refreshed in breaking in my new debit card on these cuts, and recommend them to all! Pick it up, five songs and a music video for five bucks in iTunes? Can't beat that! And it's Death Cab no less, really can't beat that.

APRIL 7, 2009

  • Every time I see you smile warmly, I know I've done right by you; I've PROVIDED. It's precious to me, to feel like I'm good enough, to feel loved and to know that you've been feeling loved too.

    PROVIDING is important. It's enchanting to know you can give someone what they need.

    And darling, I have lot's to give. Everything, in fact, for you.

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