Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on "the loud and unfathomable Silence"

I've been working a lot on compilation, flow, and also new material for the hopeful May release of my newest collection: "the loud and unfathomable Silence." Hopefully, you are all as excited for it as I am!

To rustle up some suspicion, a teaser of sorts:

one reoccurring theme (poems) in the book will be the idea of phantoms, both good and bad, and embodies the long and enduring work "Phantoms, i-x." These will be placed throughout to help navigate the ideas of what is collected in the book.

The first entry, "i," which I posted only moments ago, will be followed by the first portion: a group of poetry dealing with silence and loneliness and optimism.

I'm very excited to continue working on this project, as it's been taking quite a lot out of me, I again, hope you're all very excited too!

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